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State-of-the-Art Fabrication Technology

Giese uses the latest technology in metal fabrication to bring your
products to market faster and more affordably. Large orders, small orders
or custom orders – Giese makes it easy.


The high level of production flexibility and almost unlimited diversity of materials and shapes explain why lasers are viewed as an indispensable technology. Our Bystronic lasers can cut more than 450’ of metal per minute, with minimal waste. They can cut metal as thick as 3/4″ and as large as 5′ x 10′ in size.

Our Hankwang fully automated laser’s real benefit is it stores sheets of metal, and as soon as one sheet has been cut out, it’s automatically replaced with a fresh new sheet. This allows us to have minimal loss of productivity and keeps our employees safe from injuries. Which, in turn, allows us to produce products at record speed while sparing nothing in quality.


One of our newest machine’s is the Genesis Versa RC3L robotic welder. This machine takes productivity to a whole new level. Fast index time reduces overall weld cycle time and multiple robot configurations, increase welding productivity. Bottom line is we can be more efficient and more accurate in welding than ever before.


As technology changes, so does the equipment at Giese Manufacturing. The Performer+ machine guarantees precision accuracy on every bend. It also makes an infinite number of bend types possible, ensuring higher levels of repeatability, safety and productivity. A machine like this allows us to produce quality products, such as HON® filing cabinets, and we can produce them faster than ever before.

CNC Beam Drill

The Ocean Avenger Beam Drill is one of our newest machines and sets new standards of efficiency in the small to medium bavenger-beam-drill-line-10eam fabricating market. This beam drill achieves its outstanding drilling efficiency from the through-the-tool-coolant system. This system ensures that the tool is always kept cool, even when drilling the thickest Jumbo beams, or when drilling hardened steel. The coolant system also ensures exceptional tool life and allows much faster drill feed rates than other machines

Click the Picture with the Beam to See the Drill in Action