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Government regulatory requirements for clean air challenge and
concern plant managers everywhere. Giese's expertise can help
you meet those challenges by developing a ventilation system that
removes contaminants at the source.


Climate change is quite a hot topic, and Giese is pleased to provide customers with environmentally friendly products. We will help you develop and install systems that take such pollutants as dust, fumes and paint spray from your work area and move them to another location. The byproduct can then be reused, sold or transferred to an appropriate site. We can design systems to reduce or eliminate smoke, gases, dust and other pollutants before they reach the outside environment.

We have done several foundry projects over the years. Some of these foundries have been located as far away as Ohio and Pennsylvania. If it can be built, Giese will travel any distance to make it possible.

Over the last few years, ethanol plants have been built at a record pace in the Midwest. Giese has been involved in a few of these projects, giving us an opportunity to take on new challenges. The bottom line is Giese is not afraid to expand operations. From wastewater treatment plants to foundries to ethanol plants, our high quality and timely delivery will always be upheld.