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Today's energy costs and environmental regulations demand high
efficiency in heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Maintaining
year-round temperature control is necessary not only for personal
comfort, but for protecting your equipment investment as well.

Giese’s heating and cooling specialists are experienced in commercial, industrial and residential applications. Whether you need a system update or an entire new installation, we will get the job done in the most cost-effective manner.



We will invest time in your project, working with you side-by-side to define requirements. Once parameters are established, we will go to work designing the optimum system for the best price. Since Giese takes your system right through to installation and servicing, you can count on a design that pays maximum attention to detail and effectiveness. Why? Because we know a well-done design will save you big problems later on. Giese also knows the importance of flexibility. If you come to us with a completed design, you can count on us to follow your specifications to the letter. We perform design-building projects as well. Even if you just come to us with a vision, we can still put that vision into a design.


Giese will go to any height to install your system, whether it is a ground-floor project or a rooftop location. We are experts, with trained teams specializing exclusively in installation work. Our professionals will assess the application and select the proper equipment to make sure there is minimal interference to you and your plant operations. The right people and the right equipment make the job easy and cost effective. Just ask some of our satisfied customers – we will be happy to provide qualified references.