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New Heights in Roofing

Giese Roofing provides professional, long lasting metal and
rubber roofs for commercial, historical or architectural buildings. As a roofing
company with our own sheet metal fabrication shop, Giese makes it easy to get exactly
the roof you need for your structure.

Roofing Materials

At Giese Roofing, we specialize in custom sheet metal fabrication, installation, and restoration for roofs of all types. Our professional roofing teams work with a variety of roofing materials to meet your commercial, industrial and residential roofing needs including steel, copper, rubber, EDPM and shingles.

EPDM / Rubber Roofing

Ethylene Propylene Dieneter Polymer (EPDM) is an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane widely used in low-slope buildings in the US and around the world. This versatile material has gained industry-wide acceptance and respect by providing immediate and long-term roofing solutions. EDPM comes in white or black. White EPDM roofing material contains a polymer that takes sunlight and transfers the sunlight into heat. The black material requires additional coating for protection but offers more insulating quality for colder climates to absorb more UV heat.



Metal Roofing

We specialize in exterior sheet metal and commercial roofing.  Specifically, we work with Firestone UNA-CLAD metal stocked in over 30 different colors. This allows us to provide you with practically any color without any wait time. While others are waiting for their metal to ship, we are already installing yours on your roof. Copper roofing is also IMG_1370available from Giese Roofing.

Architectural & Historic Roofing & Restoration

At Giese Roofing, we provide roofing solutions and installation from the most modern and detailed modern architectural style to roof renovations to preserve some of our most treasured historical buildings and landmarks. Our projects include ornate churches/religious buildings, educational institutions, community buildings, residential and other commercial buildings. IMG_1371

Shingled Roofing

As proud members of the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association and the Iowa Roofing Contractors Association, Giese Roofing is widely familiar with traditional shingled roofing methods usually seen in residential structures.