The Giese Tradition

Since 1923, the Giese Companies continue to provide their
customers with quality installations at reasonable prices. It is
amazing to look back at the pictures of the old vehicles and
now retired employees. Our practices today are the same as
those of yesterday. As a result, these practices have earned
us the privilege to serve you. We want to thank you all for your
continued business and support.


In 1923, Giese Sheet Metal Company was started by Edwin Giese, Sr. He ran the business out of his house in an alley off Rhomberg Ave. in Dubuque, IA. Edwin Giese had an ever-present force, a dream to grow.
In 1935, Edwin put that dream into action. He finally was able to purchase a small office building, located just across of what is now Sutton Pool. This was a huge move for Edwin because now he was really given an opportunity to grow. Over the next twenty or so years Edwin continued to grow the business and ensure his three sons (Edwin Jr., Joseph and William) had a business to manage and expand in the

In 1965, Edwin Jr., Joseph and William moved Giese Sheet Metal to their current location at 2125 Kerper Blvd. With the move Giese also received a new company logo, the one still used to this day. This new building was almost three times the size as the old one which really gave the Giese Companies a chance to expand.

In 1997, Thomas and Charles bought out the rights to fabricate and sell CASE parts from Clinton Engineering Co. As a result Giese Manufacturing was born. As with any new business, this company started out slow and relatively small, but now has become one of the largest in Dubuque.

Giese Co staffIn 2002, Giese Manufacturing moved into their current location at 7025 Chavenelle Road. It was not very long before the company outgrew this building and had to add on. In tracing the progress of Giese Sheet Metal Company, it is evident Edwin’s dream came true. Efficiency, quality and integrity in business pushed Giese Sheet Metal Company out of a shop in an alley to three locations in Dubuque.

As the Giese Companies  continue to grow, they’ve once again out grown their present manufacturing facility. In 2013  a new 30,000 sq ft expansion was built to accommodate the companies growing needs. This addition will be home to Giese Lighting company (which was started in 2010). The hope is to streamline the manufacturing of our lights which in turn keep costs low.

In 2013 Giese celebrated 90 years in business. We’re very proud to have hit the 90 year mark. It’s not every day a company can say they have been in business over 90 years, yet alone being family owned and operated the entire time.GIESE_90_rgb

No one knows what the future for Giese Companies over the next 20, 50 or 80 years. All we can promise is that we will always live up to Edwin’s dream. The dream of a quality company which is always proud of our name. We’re extremely glad the business continues to be family owned and operated. When it comes to the Giese Companies, you not only receive quality products in a timely manner, but you also receive a company with a rich family tradition.